Rehearsals Over the Summer

Thank you to everyone who has filled in the doodle!

I have decided to rehearse this week (20th) as planned, then to take a break from full rehearsals for the next three weeks. So that’s 27th July, 3rd August and 10th August off!! Here’s hoping for sunshine! This is when most of the choir are away, and hopefully it will allow the musicians to have chance to practise.
We will then start rehearsals back up on the 17th August, and go right through until the gig, so that’s 17th, 24th & 31st of August and 7th Sept. 14th of Sept will be the technical rehearsal, hopefully at St Anne’s Parish Centre.
As you will see, excluding the technical rehearsal, that leaves us one practise before the holiday, three during the holidays when some of the choir will be missing, and one in September with the full choir.
That means it is VITAL that you are working on the tracks in the mean time- don’t just wait until we meet again. I know there are still one or two missing from the website, but get working on the ones that are there and I’ll get the others posted as fast as I can. Usual rules apply, if you need any help PLEASE ask! xxx

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