It’s Your Money I’m After, Baby

OK every now and then we manage to time things so that all the money is due at once, and for that I apologise! It’s on my agenda with the trust to look at the timings of our gigs and see if we can tweak them to mean we’re not trying to do everything all at the same time. Anyway, for this year things are as they are, and you almost certainly need to give me some money!! Here are the dates for the next month or so, with the money due.

Wednesday 7th September– Full rehearsal, usual venue. Be there and on time, it’s our last full one.

Wednesday 14th September- Technical rehearsal, not sure where yet. Will keep you posted.

Money Alert! Saturday 17th September– Sunshine!! Starts at 7, I’m planning on being there about 1, choir will need to be there at about 6 if possible as we won’t have had chance to soundcheck prior to the gig. Tickets are on sale now from Jan Charnock- please get buying as we need to plan the catering- don’t leave it until the last minute.

Money Alert! Wednesday 21st September– AGM. You have the details. Now give me your dosh.

Sunday 25th September- Ormskirk Bandstand- I will write a separate post advertising this one, but just to let you know it’s 2-4pm, and friends and family of course welcome to join the audience!

Wednesday 28th September– Sunshine @ Henshaws (I hope)

Money Alert! Friday 30th September– The choir’s weekend away to Wales! Money is at the moment set to £50 for adults and £30 for under 16’s. The accommodation is costing us £30 p/p for both adults and children. We’re hoping we may be able to refund you some of the adult cost, as we’re looking at ways of paying for the food for the weekend, but for now that’s what we’re charging. You may want to start giving me some of that money now- I do keep records so if you want to pay it a bit at a time, you can. We might start learning some of the Christmas stuff whilst we’re away woooo!!

Ok that’s it. Shout if you want more info for anything. Much love

PS… pencil 11th November in your diaries. More info to follow…

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