Bandstand Marathon

Tomorrow is Sunshine! and I am very excited about it.
If you haven’t already got tickets, why not??? A fantastic evening of music, food, dancing and an incredible raffle- what more could you want?!
But, I want to take this opportunity to tell you about another incredible event that your local cuddly community choir are involved in taking place just a week after Sunshine! Bandstand Marathon is a nationwide event encouraging people to use their local bandstands. On Sunday 25th September between two and four in the afternoon there will be over a hundred concerts across the UK from Scotland to Cornwall, and ReSound are delighted to announce that we will be performing in Coronation Park, Ormskirk! It’s really exciting to be part of something so big, and we’re really looking forward to entertaining the (hopefully) masses of people who WILL be enjoying the beautiful late September sunshine… if you don’t believe me, think back to the snow I ordered at Christmas (and nobody mention A-May-Sing o_O!)
So dig out your deckchairs and head on down to Coronation Park for an afternoon of funky sounds and a sing- a- long!!

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