Bandstand Marathon a ReSounding Success in Coronation Park Ormskirk!

Coronation Park was buzzing with music on Sunday 9th September, as ReSound Community Choir hosted an afternoon of free entertainment to celebrate the last day of the 2012 Paralympic Games. The event was opened by the Mayor, accompanied by the Mayoress and their children. ReSound Community Choir then launched in to “Oh Happy Day” and “Dancing in the Street” which is what the Town Crier was seen to be doing as he enjoyed the atmosphere, along with the audience who were sitting soaking up the end of summer sun and relishing their picnics.

Mersey duo The Rag Tag Misfits sang a mix of well known songs as well as some of their own, then the crowd enjoyed the acoustic sounds of Cameron Cockbain, accompanying himself on guitar. James Fraser, a talented 16 year old saxophonist did a marvellous job of entertaining the crowd. Audience participation was also encouraged, with “Sweet Caroline”, “Bye Bye Love” and “Dance the Night Away”. The choir ended the wonderful afternoon singing songs from the South Seas, including a close harmony rendition of “Old Cape Cod”. The Young Voice choir members joined in the theme with “Happy Talk”.

Event Programmer for the Ormskirk Bandstand Marathon, Cecilia Cook, said “It’s been a wonderful afternoon of musical entertainment, just to look at people’s faces is enough to know that all the hard work in organising the event was worth it, everyone looked happy to be there, and the weather was a bonus. Thanks go to Sarah Monteith, musical director and conductor of ReSound Community Choir; the team of musicians; Karl and Rafe for the great job they did with the sound; Dave Galt the fantastic compere of the afternoon’s entertainment; park ranger Jessica Britch for all her help setting up; Morrison’s for the donation of bottled water to keep everyone hydrated and, of course, the choir members and other musicians for giving their time to such a great event for Ormskirk.”

by Celia Cook

You can see other press coverage of the event <a title=”Advertiser” href=”; target=”_blank”>here</a> and <a title=”QLocal” href=”; target=”_blank”>here</a>.
Further information about the Bandstand Marathon is <a title=”Bandstand Marathon” href=”; target=”_blank”>here</a>.


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