Not Us

Welcome to the page of all things NOT ReSound!

September 2011… The fantastic Cleverlys doing what they do best… (look how they all know their words!!!)

August 2011… Now that the boys have been on their mystery trip, I can show you this!!

July 2011. Oh how much this makes me laugh…

June 2011. The new Coldplay single…

May 2011. Music starts at 1m 45. I’m saying nothing…
(thanks, Shaun!!)

April 2011. Ok seeing as I missed March, and you’re all so busy learning your words, I thought I’d give you something nice to play with instead of the usual annoying singing… click on the squares… don’t play with it all day, now, will you??

February 2011. Learn your words or I swear I’ll make you do this one instead…

January 2011… Feels like something educational might be needed… it’s that time of year!

December 2010… Well, it doesn’t get much more Christmassy than this…

November 2010 Oops. Missed a couple there. Still, this more than makes up for it!

August 2010- Learn the words… you know you want to!!

July 2010- I can’t believe I missed July! Oh well, a bit later than planned… get learning those moves!!!

June 2010- I think we should go and try this at the Concourse… who’s with me??!!

May 2010- This one’s for Shaun…

April 2010- Just because it makes me feeeeeeeel good!

Ok you had a few months off, but ‘Not Us’ is now BACK with a Vengeance!!

March 2010… get those diaphragms a-working!! Reeee raaaaay ra ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa!!

October… learn your words or this is the dancing we’ll be doing…

September….. Just cos I love it!!

August… This is why we learn our words… o_O

July… This isn’t us, either. Well, not ALL of us.

June… This isn’t what we sound like. Well, most days, anyway.


3 Responses to Not Us

  1. Celia says:

    I like the new ‘not us’, brings back childhood memories…

  2. Celia says:

    Sorry ,don’t think I can make it……… I’m really busy any date you arrange!!

  3. Saz says:

    Ahhhh… be brave!!! 🙂

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