June Tunes 2016
Rehearsals- what we’ve covered so far…

Wednesday 11th February
Orinoco Flow- All
Running- All
Fields of Gold- All
Through the Barricades- Middle Section
World in Union- All
Perfect Day- All (still need to do ooos!)

Wednesday 4th February
Orinoco Flow- All
Running- All
Through the Barricades- verse 3
Fields of Gold- All
We are the Champions- All
Perfect Day (just once through)

Wednesday 27th January
Daisy Bell- All
Orinoco Flow- All
Running- first part of ‘Runaway’
Through the Barricades- verse 3
We are the Champions

Wednesday 20th January
Orinoco Flow
Fields of Gold- first bit
Running- up to key change
Through the Barricades- verses 1 & 2

Wednesday 13th January
Orinoco Flow- All
Running- Up to the end of the first Bruno Mars section
Sway- All

Celebrate 2015
Rehearsals- what we’ve covered so far…

Wednesday 11th November
See Him Lying- Chorus
Three Kings- All
Spaceman- All
In the Bleak- All
Mele- All

Wednesday 4th November
Do You Hear- All
No Eye Had Seen- All
I Saw Three Ships- All
A Spaceman Came Travelling- Most

Wednesday 28th October
In the Bleak- All
Thou Who Wast Rich- All
The Lord Bless You- All
Deck the Hall- All
Winter Wonderland- All

Wednesday 21st October
Deck the Hall Verses 1-3
Three Kings Verses 1- 2
No Eye- all
Hark the Herald- all

Wednesday 14th October
Thou Who Wast Rich- sang through
Do You Hear What I Hear- up to the key change
It’s the Most Wonderful time- all
The Lord Bless You and Keep You- all
Good King Wenceslas- all

Wednesday 7th October
Mele Kalikimaka- first verse
Thou Who Wast Rich- all
The Lord Bless you and Keep You- all but the last page
It’s the Most Wonderful Time- up to the instrumental


A-May-Sing… June Tunes!

Ok the first of the new set are up on the website if you’ve not got round to sorting Dropbox yet.
The ones in red are red-y to go… geddit? geddit???!!

Here’s the link…. TAKE ME TO THE JUNE TUNES!!!

Alfie- Choir
Can You Feel the Love- Choir
Castle on a Cloud- Choir
Copa Cobana- Choir
Day by Day- Choir
Do You Hear the People Sing- Choir
Down in the River- Choir
Hearts were full of spring- Reflect
Hey Big Spender- Girls
How Can I Keep From Singing- Choir
I’ll fly away- Choir
Keep Holding On- Choir
Oh What A Beautiful Morning- Men’s
On My Own- Choir
Raindrops Keep Falling- Men
So Long, Farewell- Choir
The Hills are Alive (quiet)- Reflect
The Rhythm of Life- Choir
Till there was you- Reflect
Walking On Sunshine- Choir

You won’t need them all so check if it’s a men’s or a women’s song, and also if it is Reflect you won’t need it.
Remember you should be able to hear your part in your right ear and all the others in the left. If you can’t try switching headphones- my Apple ones seem to cancel all the balance stuff out for some random reason.

As always, shout if you get stuck.




Click on the holly to go to the tracks… of course!  😉

Did someone mention the ‘C’ word?? In SEPTEMBER??!!
Oh yes, that would be meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Christmas tracks are now on the website. Not all of them, obviously- we haven’t written half the songs yet!

Here’s a complete set list- the ones in grey aren’t there at the moment but I’ll turn them Christmas-sy colours as new ones go up.

2000 Miles
I Wish it could be C’mas
Mele Kalikimaka
Auld Lang Syne
Silent/Have yourself
This Little Babe- Rehearsal Speed- Girls Only
This Little Babe- Fast- Girls Only

Tomorrow Shall Be- Girls Only
What Sweeter Music
When a child is born
Away in a Manger- Camsey
Hark! The Herald
See Amid the Winter’s Snow
Silent Night
O Come All Ye Faithful
Joy to the World
Christmas Alphabet (Reflect Only)


Click here for the wedding wildness!

Tracks are up for Trev’s wedding… there’s four…

Amazing & Joyful Joyful
Beautiful Saviour
In Christ Alone
Thine Be the Glory


Click here to go to the tracks

Hi all, ‘Sway’, the first of the new tracks for A-May-Sing for Victory, is up.
**Plus, now, Chattanooga, Lullaby and The Way You Look.
***** Also Apple Tree and Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy are up, and I’ve also put Beguine up, but only for the A, T and B parts… the lovely Ms Hepke is going to record the top A flats for me next week so I don’t make the sopranos ears bleed…. the rest of you can manage without the top line for now! Oh also Beguine has higher and lower alto parts, perhaps go for what you did with Spotless Rose? x
********Let’s Face the Music now up too. And that’s your lot for this weekend… I’ll do Sandman next weekend, and Dover when I’ve written it!!

There’s a full set list below but most of them aren’t up yet. I’ll update you as they appear.

Begin the Beguine (not sopranos yet)
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Chattanooga Choo Choo
Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree
Let’s Face the Music and Dance
Lullaby of Broadway
Mr Sandman
Pack Up Your Troubles/ Tipperary/ Run Rabbit
The Way You Look Tonight
We’ll Meet Again/ Now is the Hour
White Cliffs of Dover/ Keep the Home Fires

The ones in grey aren’t up, the ones in bold are. It’s a start!!

Remember, you need to get the right one for your part. Then your part will be in one ear, headphone, speaker, and the others will all be in the other one. So you can learn your part without hearing the others, then gradually introduce the whole sound back in.

Ask if you get stuck. There’s no such thing as a stupid question 🙂
And let me know if there’s anything wrong when you listen to them.

Have fun!

November: Woooooo more Christmas jingly jingles! Sorry they sound so horrible and croaky. Apart from Sarah H who sounds lovely. 🙂 I think that’s all of them now? Same link as below!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time- First Sop, Second Sop, Alto, Tenor Top, Tenor Bottom, Bass
Do You Hear What I Hear?- Sop1, Sop2
A Spotless Rose- Sop, Alto Top, Alto Bottom, Tenor, Bass
Good King Wenceslas
It Feels Like Christmas
Jingle the Red Nosed Sleigh Ride

October- Hoorah! It’s the Christmas set!!! Click me for the Jingles!

These are the ones that are already up-
Merry Christmas, Everyone;
The Star Carol;
Carol of the Bells;
A Merry Christmas;
Hark the Herald;
O Little Town;
Joy to the World;
Once in Royal David’s City

August-      Tide is High back up after previous technical hitch…


So far on the web…

Video Killed
We All Stand
How ‘Bout Us

Others to follow next week…..


**Moonlight Bay and Nothing Like a Dame are now both up on the website.
I’m not planning on recording ‘Everything is Beautiful’- I can’t find a track without existing backing vocals, plus it’s not very hard so I think we’ll be ok.

So for those of you who prefer to put it all on CD, you now have a complete set!

Here’s the full set list:
Down in the River
Dream a Little Dream
Early One Morning
Everything is Beautiful
I Wish I Knew How it would Feel to be Free
La Isla Bonita
Moonlight Bay
Nothing Like a Dame
Now is the Hour
Perfect Day
Rio/ Teardrop mix
Wash that Man

The ones in grey aren’t up yet, the rest are.
Sorry I’ve been a bit slow posting this!
Same rules apply, shout if you get stuck. x


Oh and here’s a full set list in alphabetical order no less!
I’ve even done a slow and fast version of Wassailing. You’ll see why when you listen to it!!
All bar one are now up on the practise site:

Christmas Lullaby
Ding Dong
Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Little Town
Merry Christmas, Everyone
O Come All Ye Faithful
O Holy Night
O Sing to God
Rocking Around (not up yet)
Simply Having
Snowflake- Have yourself
Sweet Chiming Christmas Bells
The First Nowell

***note2… ok, Rafe has discovered that it wasn’t the tracks themselves, it was the playback on my computer, so the tracks already on the internet are absolutely fine! I will upload the others I’ve recorded soon. x

***note…. for some reason at the moment I can’t get the tracks to mix as they usually do. If you have already downloaded Sweet Chiming Christmas Bells and Simply Having, you will notice all parts are coming out of both sides, left and right. I’m working on it… sorry, everyone… the old stuff should still be ok.

October 5th…. Christmas tracks are up… click HERE

July 5th… Here’s the complete set list for Sunshine! on 17th September. They aren’t all on the practise site yet, I will be updating them over the next week or so, but just so you have an idea of what we’re doing. I’ve marked a star next to the ones that are on the download site. You can head on over to download them with this link…

Bridge Over Troubled Water          (This is similar if that helps)
Dancing Queen
Does your Mother Know?
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
*I Have a Dream
*I’ll Be There
*Shine on Through
Thank You For The Music

June 9th…   I Want to Hear the Tunes!!

Two tracks up! “Shine on Through“, in which Shaun plays Elton John and we play his backing singers 🙂  and the other one which we’re not mentioning remember… shhhh….

March 30th… Download the final set for A-May-Sing

Newly added- Grandfather, Amazing & Joyful Joyful, Don’t Worry, The Water is Wide.

You should be able to find everything there now. Remember to download ‘Amazing & Joyful Joyful‘ not ‘Joyful Joyful‘ as the latter is the old one and doesn’t have Amazing Grace or the key change or the ending on it.

Here’ s the complete set list for the choir, in alphabetical order, so you can check you have everything

Amazing/ Joyful Joyful
Dancing in the Street (Oh Happy Day isn’t on there)
Dashing Away
Don’t Worry
Fix You
Grandfather’s Clock
Mr Blue Sky
Put a Little Love in Your Heart
Rainbow/ Umbrella
Scarborough Fair
The Water is Wide
To Make You Feel My Love

Have fun!!! xxx

March 17th… I’ve remixed ‘Fix You’ to try to set it so you can actually hear the vocals. If you’ve downloaded it already, delete the one you have and download it again. x

March 2nd… ‘Put a Little Love’ and ‘Fix You’ are up now too. Same link below. xxx

*edit two… it’s been one of those days… I believe ‘To Make You Feel’ wasn’t working with ipods/ phones/ tunes/ spy… I’ve fixed it now, just try downloading it again. Shout if you get stuck. xxx

*edit… OH ALL RIGHT… you’ve twisted my blinkin’ arm… I’ve put Dashing up as well. And before you ask, no, I haven’t done the slowy down and speedy up bits nor any dynamics, this is just notes notes notes. And if it sounds rubbish it’s cos I’m ILL (not because it’s really really hard, honestly!!) and if you think I’m doing Grandfather tonight too you’ve got Another Think Coming. 🙂

February 2011
Never mind the fact that the weather is rainy, or we’re all a bit unwell, or that I’ve had to cancel choir (*sob)…

Have ‘To Make You Feel’ to cheer you up!
Click on the link below!!

I Want To Make You Feel My Love!!!

“But, Sarah!” I hear you cry. “Didn’t we change some of the chords in ‘To Make You Feel’- specifically the tenor line in places?”

Why, yes we did. Fortunately I made those changes as I was recording it two weeks ago. UN-fortunately I changed all of the verses, when in reality it should only have been verses one and two. So, gentlemen… in places your part is wrong wrong wrong. Very sorry and all that.

“But Sarah!” you continue. “How do I know which tracks I’m supposed to be downloading from the site… there must be at least sixty three!”

Ah, well now. The only new ones up there at the moment are Joyful and To Make You Feel. You won’t find Dashing, Grandfather, Put a Little or Don’t Worry. This would be because I haven’t recorded them yet. As far as the old ones are concerned… you will find a list of which ones you need here. Unfortunately not all of those are recorded either. I will do it soon, I promise. No, really.

“But Sarah!” you cry… but your voice echoes hollowly around the room as Sarah has done a runner….

January 2011

Hi all!!
Joyful Joyful is now up on the website!


I’ve moved everything round a bit to save me having to start from scratch with each concert. All the tracks that we’ve ever done are in one folder for your section now, so you’ll have to scroll down to find the current ones.
Joyful Joyful is the only new one at the moment; I will keep you posted as others go up.
Remember, your part is in one ear, all the rest in the other ear. As always, shout if you get stuck! Don’t struggle!

Much love x

December 2010

Here’s a link to the Programme PDF

October 2010-

Here’s the link to the Christmas practise tracks…

Hi Aimee and Everyone Else Click On Me and I’ll Take You To the Tracks!

For the technologically literate amongst you, it would appear you now have the option to download the whole folder as a zip file… that’s got to be quicker I’d have thought. Mind you I don’t know if that option is only available to me as the owner… oh well, let me know if it works! Or doesn’t!! xxx

July 2010-

Hello all you lovely lovely people!

Here’s the link you’re looking for…..

Take Me To The Tracks!!!

When you get there, you’re looking for ReSound Sunshine! All the new tracks are in there, in the folder with your section name on it. Sopranos, you’ll see some of the tracks have first and second soprano- that’s the two groups you were in- first is the higher of the two. Altos, you’ll see in Mr Blue Sky there’s also first and second alto… for now, download second alto (there’s very little difference between the two!)

Please PLEASE shout if you get stuck.

March 2010

Go here for tracks.

If you need instructions as to how to download them, they’re lower down on this page. If you’re still stuck, call me. I mean it. Or else. 🙂 x

Sarah x


Christmas 2009

New downloads are available- follow the links. If you need the instructions, they are the same as below, just use these links instead of the one down there!

Soprano Tracks

Alto Tracks

Tenor Tracks

Bass Tracks

Instructions on how to download the practise songs from Wednesday…

Step One
Click on this link. It will open in another window so that you can jump back to these instructions should you need to.

Link to the Sky Drive

Step Two

Click on the folder ‘ReSound Practise’, as indicated by the red arrow below.


Step Three

Click on the first file ‘Dream a Little Dream’


Step Four

Select ‘Download’


Step Five

A pop up window will appear, asking you what you wish to do with the file. Choose ‘Save’


Step Six

Decide where you wish to save the file, and click ‘Save’


Step Seven

When the file has downloaded, it will tell you it has finished, then ask if you would like to open the folder or the file. Choose ‘Close’ at this point, as you have others to download.


Step Eight

You will then be returned to the ‘Download’ page. Select the next file along. Make sure the new file is actually selected- the title will have changed, and the number will have increased, as shown by the arrows. Continue to download in the same way as you did for the previous files. You may wish to skip over files that are not relevent to you- the file name will specify if it for a particular group or person.


Step Nine

The last file in the folder is a text file called ‘read me first’. It has some information about the recordings, and the track list. When you’ve finished downloading this read me file, choose ‘open folder’ and the folder with all your downloads in will appear.


Step Ten

You can now do what you like with them. Add them to your media player, burn your own cd, add them to your mp3 player, whatever you wish. If I find anyone selling them on the car booty there’ll be trouble.

Shout if you get stuck- you know where I am.

Have fun, lovely peeps! x


3 Responses to Practices

  1. aimee says:

    mum wants music so i came on here but i cant remember where the music is, we cant get into surfprawno coz there is no hyperlink, please help coz mum wants it done soon x
    aimee x
    (barbara’s daughter)

    • Saz says:

      Hi Aimee,
      I’ve changed the link above… near the top of the page, can you see it now? That should take you to the ReSound Christmas 2010 site, where you should be able to see the soprano folder- that’s the one you want. Next to each of the tracks you have the option to download. If you’re still stuck, get your mum to ring me… I’m more than happy to help but I’m going to be away from my computer now so I won’t see if you write anything else here. Ring if there’s anything at all you want to ask 🙂 xxx

  2. aimee says:

    thank you got dad to look he found it so its now on my mp4 for mum
    thank you x
    aimee x x x 😀

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